Lower Your Business or Home Energy Costs!

Save up to 40%*

*For qualifying commercial & residential utility bills, in US states.

Keep Your Existing Utility

Zero Cost To You

Just Pay Less

Predictable Savings

Increased Profits

Multiple Ways to $ave on Your Energy Costs


Solar Energy Systems


DeRegulated Energy Rates

For Homeowners, let "The Sun" be your Friend!

How Homes Nationwide Can $ave

You'll begin saving money instantly the moment your panels are installed on your home because you will be producing your own electricity, that is less (or zero) electricity that you need to purchase from your utility company. Plus, your home's value goes up the instant your panels are installed. If you ever decide to move, solar is a major selling point to potential buyers. And lastly, because of tax credits that may be available in your State, solar is as affordable as it’s ever been, and cheaper than paying utilities for… well, forever.

  • Decrease or eliminate your utility bill

  • Increase your home's value

  • Take advantage of available tax credits

Commercial Buildings $ave Big with Solar too!

How Businesses Can $ave

Grid tie solar electric systems for commercial businesses and government agencies are the fastest growing segment of the solar market worldwide. With net metering programs now approved in most of the U.S. states, thousands of businesses, schools, and government agencies are now experiencing the benefits of solar electricity. Many states have rebates to further help subsidize the cost of the solar photovoltaic system. With solar panel warranties of 25 years, solar arrays will stabilize your power costs over that period.

  • Solar can greatly offset your energy costs

  • A reliable investment that increases property value

  • Take advantage of available tax credits

For Businesses, our competitive bidding system ensures you get

THE BEST ENERGY rates available in deregulated States!

How Businesses Can $ave

Our service is available across states with deregulated energy markets. We ensure that commercial entities like yours can switch to the most competitive energy supplier.

Businesses Must:

  • Be in a deregulated market

  • No minimum usage requirements

  • Seek the most competitive quotes

  • Provide current energy bill for analysis

10 States = Natural Gas and Electric 🔥+⚡


It's a Strategic Move

Leverage our expertise to lower your energy bills with a fixed rate for up to 5 years. We manage your energy bills so you can get back to growing your business!

For Commercial Clients:

  • Experience potential savings of up to 40% on energy costs, all while we handle the heavy lifting. You'd be surprised where energy costs savings can be found...But you've got to know where to look. That's are expertise!

For Home Owners:

  • No doubt you've heard the stories of how a solar installation on a home has dramatically reduced the monthly energy bill...And that's true! In some cases it can even create a surplus of savings! Find out what your home can provide with a free home energy assessment.

Our Promise:

  • No hidden fees, just straightforward, competitive pricing.

Lowering Your Energy Costs

is Now Easy!

Case Studies

Apartment Complex

The client was exposed to market volatility, floating on a variable rate plan for their electricity supply.

Dreams Energy Resources delivered the following results…

Full refund for two months of over-billings

$190,000 in annual savings

$270,000 in terms savings


A regional bank noticed unusually high utility expenses after completing an acquisition. The bank hired Dreams Energy Resources to investigate. Here were the results…

20% reduction in energy rates

Successful aggregation across multiple utility zones

$100,000 in annual savings


A Pennsylvania hotel’s operating expenses were increasing each year, and the utility bills were the culprit. After analyzing the situation, Dreams Energy Resources delivered…

$0.019/kWh rate reduction

$25,000 in savings

Freed up capital for other projects

Commercial Office Building

Commercial office developer was looking for ways to reduce utility costs per SQFT at his newly acquired office buildings. Dreams Energy Resources was able to deliver the following results…

Reduction is energy cost per SQFT

15% reduction in supply costs

$60,000 in term savings

Frequently Ask Questions

How can I save up to 40% on my energy bills?

If you have a business within a state that has legislated deregulation, you could save considerably on your energy bills just by choosing an electric or gas supplier.   We have the energy supply companies compete for your business to get you the best rate on the market today!

How do I know my energy rates are competitive?

Due to years of experience, broker relationships and the competition created by our proprietary system allows us to get you the most competitive rate today.   Your rates won’t go up for as long as you are under agreement!

How long does it take to switch?

We make this very simple for you!   Once you know what your best rate is with the longest term, we will send you a DocuSign with the agreement and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete.   We handle the rest so you can focus on your business.

Once I’ve taken advantage of choosing a supplier, what happens next?

First, congratulations on taking control of your energy costs!   You will receive a letter in the mail with 7-10 business days from the energy supply company that won the bid and your utility company congratulating you on making a choose.   Nothing else changes as you are used to it now.   You still get your utility bill the same way, pay it the same way only now it’s less!   6 months before your current agreement ends, we will reach out to you and do the same process again keeping you in the best possible spot!   You take care of growing your business, we take care of managing your energy costs.

What happens if I move my business?

If you move and your business is still within the same utility footprint, you can take your locked in price with you so you can keep saving on your energy costs.   Just let us know and we will handle it for you.

What happens if I sell my business?

The new ownership has the ability to take over the current agreement at no charge so they can get to experience the same type of savings you are currently receiving.   This can only help in the sale of your business!

What happens if I close my business?

You have no concerns about your energy, it’s considered “Force Majeure” and there is no cost or ETF’s to the company.   Again, just keep us in the loop and we will handle it for you!

Rely on me to be your committed ally in navigating the complexities of deregulated energy and solar energy services for commercial buildings, as well as residential solar energy installations. Beyond just financial savings, I are dedicated to discovering services that proactively enhance your business finances.

With a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in the energy sector, I am devoted to crafting tailored solutions specifically for your needs in the realm of deregulated energy and solar energy.

Let's collaborate to pave the way for a prosperous future for both you and your business. You can trust Dreams Energy Solutions to be your steadfast companion on this journey.

David Glader

Local Energy Savings Director

Dreams Energy Resources

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